Students will be required to submit five written assignments in a WORD or pdf document, each 3 pages long, single-spaced, font 12, Times New Roman. A fourth page should list the references cited in 1


Students allure be required to surrender five written assignments in a WORD or pdf instrument, each

3 pages desire, one-spaced, font 12, Times New Roman.

A indelicateth page should catalogue the intimations adduced in the essay. I advance you cast a WORD instrument.

Each essay allure convergence on embodied familiar in the bestowal of one module of the way.

Each essay must be surrenderted before the Tuesday following the substance of each module. Your earliest essay is due April 14.

Grammar, spelling and attribution (open intimation to a learning beginning, including journal style, capacity #, consummate pagination, and contributing authors), are all considered in the evaluation owing the character of your answerableness allure seek how convincingly you impart the embodied and owing talented answerableness is expected in the “real world”.

Each three-page essay should direct encircling 1/3 to the underlying chemistry (as familiar in the lectures and suggested decipherings), ( encircling) 1/3 to impart applications, and (about) 1/3 to

suggest how the post may alter in the coming, adding any one views or insights (as misappropriate).

As famed in the "mechanics" of the way, the five essays supply HW assignments, quizzes, a midterm

exam and the conclusive. Grades on your five "personalized" essays create the account for your conclusive grad in the


What am I looking for? I am giving you the convenience to do elimination on a theme-matter of your choosing. You allure need to trail down misspend beginnings to help your disround of the accidental Chemistry.

The earliest 1/3, should convergence on what is already known and been reported/published.

The prevent 1/3 should convergence on impart applications. What is the scrap/molecule/rule history used

for today. Put merely, what are the transaction/market implications? By any mete, the chemical

activity is the largest World-wide. Approximately every emanation you use in common,ordinary history or delayer at breakfast/lunch/dinner is a emanation produced by the chemical activity. Materials to compose buildings and bridges, manufacture plastics and drugs, airplanes and measure ships , ... and now ventilators, are produced industrially from “chemicals” endow in Nature. And, of way, the fuels used in cars and to fever your abode all resolve from chemical substances ruleed in refineries. It is this "relevance" that I ask you to sift-canvass.

The third minority should then convergence on what ability be the coming for the scrap/molecule/rule you select to sift-canvass. This minority is usually the one that separates "the women from the girls." This

is owing you allure bear to do some "digging,” checking the transaction minority of the Wall Street

Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg, .... for educated projections.

What it comes down to is that the occasion you would bear spent on HW assignments, quizzes,

a midterm and a conclusive is now channeled into a "elimination period," each on a theme-matter of your cherished,

something in the Lectures in each module that you endow circumspectioning.

Now, a term or two encircling the two development essays sturdy. I bear purposely clarified two essays

centered on theme-matters practised in the earliest indelicate lectures of the way, written by createer students. The

text of each is amiable, but two things were missed or omitted that I honor are misspend.

First, the metals they convergenceed on bear crystal erections, and these could bear been interjacent.

Second, when I ask for intimation, I do NOT average citing a Wikipedia standing. Rather, if you go to

a Wikipedia standing and confront a sharp-end you craving to sift-canvass in your essay, the Wikipedia standing allure impart you

the learning intimation, which is what you should trail down, decipher and adduce.

problems for antecedent period:


1. Your essay contains passages that were (apparently) infections straightly from

pristine beginnings. Citing a intimation on which the embodied is domiciled is not equal.

After identifying a pristine beginning, you should fashion the trial to pointed the sharp-ends

made in your own terms.

2. In suggesting that you transcribe an essay on any part, scrap or rule

(chemical reaction) sift-canvassed in the indelicate Lectures, I did not average that you

should transcribe a capacious re-examination period on an unimpaired ground. Rather, I want

you to convergence on a peculiar development of an part, scrap or rule

(chemical reaction) that circumspections you.

3. In choosing a feature scrap or scrap, a illustrative showing the scrapic/molecular erection

and crystal erection should be displayed in your essay.

In choosing to sift-canvass a feature rule (adjust of chemical reactions) the misspend

chemical equations for your clarified theme-matter should be displayed.


1. A few sentences on the concatenate of applications is misappropriate. But uniformly executed, you should convergence on one or further peculiar applications .

2. Concrete estimates of "usage" can be obtained from any reckon of beginnings and should be

documented by financial axioms and, if adapted, illustrativeal axioms.


1. Uniformly you bear clarified a feature part, scrap or chemical rule, trailing down

the webstanding of the chemical assembly and/or industrial fast that uses your part, scrap

or rule allure (approximately regularly) prepare it coming use.

2. It may courteous be that your cherished of theme-matter is one that is of feature circumspection to you. I encourage

you to impart one reflections on the theme-matter.


1. Your essay should be three pages in extension, delay a indelicateth page catalogueing pristine beginnings.

On any impartn theme, capacitys can be written. The fixed hither is to clip the beginning

embodied you decipher into the irresponsible accidentals. Think of this as composeing for each

minority a one-page CV, care in belief that employers barely pay circumspection to the earliest

page of a CV.

2. Cast your essay as a WORD instrument, Times New Roman, Font 12, one measured.

Your earliest essay was on Metals, Metalloids and Non-Metals. I bear re-examinationed this essay.

With honor to the sharp-ends I stressed when I sent you your gradation on Essay anteriorly, you addressed

a reckon of these. Continued gist on all the sharp-ends I influential allure be advantageous in improving

your contiguous essay.

PLEASE decipher through LECTURES 17-20 anteriorly deciding on a theme-matter.

PLEASE re-examination the elaborate guidelines I sent antecedent on what should be emphasized

in each of the three minoritys of your essay.

PLEASE re-examination the createatting guidelines I sent antecedent (for development, using Times

New Roman, font bigness, and page extension) anteriorly answerableness your essay..

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