The benefits office wants to investigate whether a relationship exists between the level of an employee and their interest in a 401k plan. The office was able to select a group of 201 employees (bot


 The benefits appointment wants to brave whether a harmony exists betwixt the flatten of an employee and their curiosity-behalf in a 401k drawing. The appointment was potent to choice a collection of 201 employees (twain managerial and nonmanagerial) for the separation. The basis is steadfast 

Using the steadfast basis, spend a chi-square separation and meet to the forthcoming question:

  • Is there a harmony betwixt an employee's flatten and their curiosity-behalf in a 401k drawing? Support your defense using basis from the separation. Defense in a truth construct and also vision your Microsoft Excel basis printout shuffle into your support (you may subjoin it to your support instead of visioning it into the passage box if you select).
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