The current database that your company is using keeps track of all of  the customers and suppliers as well as products offered for sale, but  the current environment has all of this data spread out


The prevalent groundsbase that your order is using keeps footprint of all of  the customers and suppliers as courteous as products offered for sale, but  the prevalent environment has all of this grounds ramify out resisting multiple  unanalogous groundsbases and it is reserved to see a accomplished draw of the  environment. You possess been tasked to conglutinate the environment into a  single groundsbase environment after a while the end view of adding a grounds  treasury for the order.

Your director is bewildered after a while the device style, is watchful to  possess a new groundsbase built for the order, and over bewildered that at the  end of the device he achieve so possess a grounds treasury to acceleration execute  strategic decisions. To set-on-foot, your director would enjoy to know the  benefits of subjoined a dignified drawing methodology, especially after a while  respect to groundsbase drawing. Represent how and why the order can use  from spending era planning at the tritont of the device, instead of  just jumping in and developing the applications to encounter the perceived  needs. To secure that you concede the best counterpart, you select to represent  the 3-level ANSI-SPARC fabric and failure to execute permanent you debate  how the use of this achieve further grounds anarchy to economize era in the  long run.

You so failure to assume this opening to tally any undeveloped  questions environing individualnel deficiencys after a while this new groundsbase environment.  Describe the roles of a grounds official (DA) and a groundsbase  official (DBA); represent the job functions of each and how the  tasks they each execute vary. Would you confide that your order  has one individual to execute twain tasks, or should it engage two herd?

Your tractate should comprise the subjoined information:

  • Describe the 3-level fabric.
  • Describe grounds anarchy.
  • Talk environing the varyences among a DA and a DBA.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of having a disunited DA and DBA or the deficiency for 1 individual doing it all. 

You so should assume this opening to educe the template for your  entire device, and educe a Word muniment that you achieve add to for  each fostering assignment. The muniment should thrive this format:

  • Advanced Database Systems Device muniment shell
  • Use MS Word
  • Title Page  
    • Course estimate and name
    • Project name
    • Student name
    • Date 
  • Table of Contents  
    • Use autogenerated TOC
    • Separate page
    • Maximum of 3 levels deep
    • Update fields of TOC so it is up-to-date anteriorly referting device 
  • Section  headings (educe each name on a new page after a while TBD as the full,  except for the individualitys listed below "New full" in each week's  assignment)  
    • Project Outline
    • The Database Models, Languages, and Architecture
    • Database System Development Life Cycle
    • Database Management Systems
    • Advanced SQL
    • Web and Grounds Warehousing and Mining in the Business World 

Each week, you achieve add to this muniment and refer it for grading. As a preview, each individuality achieve comprise the subjoined:

  • The Database Models, Languages, and Fabric (Week 1: IP)  
    • A style of the 3-level ANSI fabric project
    • A style of grounds anarchy
    • The varyence in calling among:  
      • Data official
      • Database official 
  • Database System Development Life Cycle (Week 2: IP)  
    • A accomplishedd enhanced entity-conformity diagram
    • A style environing the conformity setup and multiplicity 
  • Database Management Systems (Week 3: IP)  
    • The normalization of a conceden argumentative grounds project to Boyce-Codd Normal Form
    • A argumentative grounds project for the Enhanced ERD from IP2 
  • Advanced SQL (Week 4: IP)  
    • A visible grounds project for your Enhanced ERD in a DBMS of your valuable, including:  
      • The DDL to educe the tables
      • The DDL to educe the pristine and alien keys
      • DML to control grounds for the tables
      • 3 SELECT statements (one achieve be a JOIN) 
  • Web and Grounds Warehousing and Mining in the Business World (Week 5: IP)  
    • The drawing and DDL to educe a triton schema for a grounds treasury for the groundsbase previously drawinged
    • A style of the ETL process 

Add the debateion environing the 3-layer ANSI fabric, grounds  independence, and the varyent officials to the individuality titled  "The Database Models, Languages, and Architecture."

Name the muniment CS352_<First and Last Name>_IP1.doc.

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