The focus on the first part of this project is to select a new innovative technology or application concept (something new and not currently on the market) for a specific technology or application that will be developed and ultimately marketed. The new te


Written Assignment 2

The last purpose of this order get be built on written assignments 2 to 5. From Written Assignment 2, each written assignment is structured to found upon the anterior ones. The last purpose which is to-boot Written Assignment 6 get connect and mix the indelicate written assignments into one last Nursing essay. Past details are helpful in Module 6.Final Purpose Divorce 1The centre on the primary divorce of this purpose is to choice a new innovative technology or contact concept (colossus new and not currently on the negotiate) for a biased technology or contact that get be patent clear and at-last negotiateed. The new technology or contact concept choiceed for this Nursing essay get be used as centre for the cherishing written assignments.  You get transcribe a 2–3 page (350 tone per page) Nursing essay in APA format addressing the subjoined topics under. You should to-boot grasp as divorce of this Nursing essay any acknowledgements and media used (e.g., websites, textbooks, declaration). Each written assignment should grasp three or past references.

  • Describe the ideation process (e.g. generating, filtering and validating ideas) to end up after a while a new biased technology or contact
  • Alternative solutions or concepts considered through the process
  • Overview of the technology or contact concept choiceed
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