The purpose of this assignment is to analyze internet-based contracting issues, such as online contract formation; to determine the requirements for performance and breach of online contracts; and to


The end of this assignment is to awaken internet-based lessening issues, such as online lessen formation; to narrate the exactments for enterprise and gap of online lessens; and to educe enforceable methods for debate firmness.

Read the subjoined scenario. 

Great Buys is an internet-based gang headquartered in New York that sells household electronics to consumers in the United States. The administration team at Great Buys has some concerns encircling its online lessening order.

• Great Buys isn't apprehending it has a styptic lessen after a while its customers accordingly the lessen is wholly online and in electronic format. 

• Customers own argued they are not frisk to the online lessen accordingly there's no handwritten "pen and ink" attestation.

• Great Buys too wants to apprehend if any interdiplomatic laws get dedicate when the gang starts selling its electronic achievements interdiplomaticly.

• Great Buys has been sued in unanalogous narrate courts all aggravate the country, and it would love to apprehend if an amity chapter requiring that amity be conducted in New York City get be enforceable. 

• Finally, Great Buys wants one or two suggestions for graceful its inside interest procedures so that customer achievement complaints don't spin into lessen-related claims or lawsuits.   

Great Buys' administration team asks you, the gang's lessen supervisor, to achievement after a while your team and harangue their concerns.

Select one of the subjoined:

• Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® delivery that includes a 1- to 2-minute recording (audio, video, or twain) created by your Learning Team that provides answers to all of Great Buys' concerns aloft. Your Learning Team can cement graphics, briskness, or interactive Microsoft® PowerPoint® features, such as Designer and Morph (some features exact a conclusive Microsoft® Office 365® supply), congruous after a while the University of Phoenix's guidelines for use of third-party materials. Your Learning Team should narrate how to place tasks incompact team members and succumb a uncompounded Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® delivery (do not succumb deliverys by special Learning Team members).

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