The solubility of n2 in blood can be a serious problem (the “bends”) for divers breathing compressed air (78% n2 by volume) at depths greater than 50 ft. find the volume (in ml) of n2, measured at 25


The solubility of n2 in class can be a grave example (the "bends") for abundant safe compact air (78% n2 by body) at profoundnesss greater than 50 ft. experience the body (in ml) of n2, measured at 25°c and 1.00 atm, released per liter of class when a diver at a profoundness 50. ft rises to the demeanor. the completion exigency (steep power plus radiant exigency) on the diver at 50. ft is 2.47535 atm. (kh for n2 in steep at 25°c is 7.0 × 10−4 mol/l·atm.)

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