This assignment will help you understand the disabilities that are caused due to Alzheimer’s disease.Ellen is a 64-year-old Chinese American, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia of the Alzhe


This assignment gain acceleration you interpret the disabilities that are caused due to Alzheimer's ailment.

Ellen is a 64-year-old Chinese American, who has of-late been diagnosed after a while dementia of the Alzheimer's kind. She has been afloat steadily as a secretary but of-late due to the ailment has set it harder to accomplish her duties. She has worked for 34 years. She has of-late grace widowed and has two adult kids who speed in the selfselfsame area as her. But they sometimes consent on how to agree solicitude for her. Ellen has asked her upshot to acceleration her deviate her firmness to repair.

Based on the overhead scenario, educe a 4 page rumor in a Microsoft Word muniment that recount the issues that Ellen and her upshot need to discourse regarding:

  • Ellen's repairment
  • Ellen's advenient sanity solicitude plans
  • Ellen's housing
  • Ellen's financial situation
  • Ellen's power to accomplish her job propertyively
  • The ailment series and its property on her activities of daily food (ADL)
  • Advanced directives
  • Funeral plans
  • Social supports advantageous to Ellen
  • Role her cultivation may reproduce-exhibit on her family's firmness
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