This task is to be done in 2 parts, all sections to be done independently Section 1 – 1 PAGE  Use examples from the readings, or from your own research, to support your views, as appropriate. Encou


This work is to be produced in 2 space, all sections to be produced independently 

Section 1 - 1 PAGE

  Use developments from the readings, or from your own inquiry, to livelihood your views, as divert. Encouraged to persuade inquiry and use other sources to livelihood your answers. Be indisputable to inventory your references at the end. References must be in APA citation format. A restriction of 250 opinion.

A) Persuade a web exploration for the key opinion "SMS Language". Then continue:

Get the references of 2 sites that follow up after a while the best, most informative results.

Based on your scanning of these 2 sites

Write down 20 phrases in SMS speech and its English translation, in the forthcoming format: SMS: English translation. For development, tyvm: enrich you very much

Out of the 20 phrases inventory your minion or most used 5

Please recollect to get your sources and citation

Do you use emoticons after a while your SMS texting? After a while emailing? What is emoticon for "confused"?

Number of Pages: 1 Page

Page Line Spacing: Double spaced (Default)

Academic Level: College

Paper Format: APA 

Section 2 - 300 opinion stable insight/responses

See stable.

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