Using the attached outlining template, prepare an outline for speech #2 (Week 5: Intercultural Awareness Speech). Because each speaker engages in outlining in a unique manner, this template is a guide


Using the fast outlining template, furnish an intention for oration #2 (Week 5: Intercultural Awareness Speech). Because each orator engages in outlining in a choice behavior, this template is a superintend (that I strongly allude-to you ensue), and thus, this assignment procure be graded as pass/fail (100 points). 

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Intention Format Model

(Your persuasive oration intention should conceive these items)


Specific Purpose:

Thesis Statement:

I.          Introduction (Attention Step)

            A.        Attention getting device:

            B.        Introduce subject and motivate parley:

            C.        Establish credibility:

            D.        Thesis declaration (introduces demand stalk):

*Transitional declaration:

II.        Body

            A.        Demand Step

                        1.         Describe the demand as it narrates to the parley:

                        2.         Explain the moment of the collection to the parley:

                        3.         Describe what could occur if the collection is NOT solved:

*Transitional declaration:

            B.        Satisfaction Step

                        1.         Describe your intention in detail:

                        2.         Explain why your intention procure work:

*Transitional declaration:

            C.        Visualization Step:

                        1.         Describe the results your parley can wait-for if your intention is adopted:

                        2.         Describe the benefits that narrate to your parley:

                        3.         Describe the consequences that procure favor your parley:

                        4.         State your “Call to Action”:

*Transitional declaration between stalks:

III.       Conclusion

            A.        Signal ending:

            B.        Restate the moment of the collection:

            C.        Re-emphasize the “Call to Action” Step:

            D.        Memorable ending:

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