value attributesthe consideration seta cognitive

  • value attributes
  • the remuneration set
  • a cognitive


selective features

2.Colgate-Palmolive armed the endorsements of dentists to constitute the right that Colgate Total toothpaste is the number-one recommended toothpaste by most dentists, a tactic that is most operative at

  • speeding up cognitive education.
  • increasing cognitive dissimilarity.
  • increasing experiential education.
  • decreasing perceived waste.

3.Before Pepsi-Cola stamped activity dates on its cans, few consumers considered cola activity an manifestation. After Pepsi spent about $25 favorite on advertising and preferment, a consumer review base that 61 percent of cola drinkers conceit it influential. This is an issue of using which pose substitute management?

  • changing beliefs about the space to which a stigma has assured attributes
  • encouraging the consumer to use inducement generalization
  • adding new attributes to the product
  • encouraging the consumer to use inducement discrimination

4.If Israel is delighted delay how his new Lifeproof phone event armed the phone when he dropped it in the snow, this would be considered which capricious of the behavioral education regularity?

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