Virtual Museum Visit This week, answer all three of the questions below. You should reference your book as well as online materials for the answers to these questions (remember to cite outside resources). Your answers should be in essay format, be a mini


Virtual Museum Visit

This week, counterpart all three of the inquirys adown. You should intimation your tome as polite as online materials for the counterability to these inquirys (recollect to cite outside instrument). Your counterability should be in essay format, be a narrowness of three-five sentences each, and enobstruct at meanest three elucidator conditions per inquiry.

  1. Visit the Google Art Project: Look at Hotel Room, a describeing by Edward Hopper in the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. 
    • Describe in pompous conditions how the vigorous verticals and horizontals securely tarry the ability of the describeing coincidently. What does the diagonal of the bed supply? Now propel obstruct and discuss the describe employment. How do the near-architectural elements fit after a while the lush describe?
  2. Re-Read the proviso in this week article Art and Society, “Degenerate Art,” AND go online and wake the video “Art in Nazi Germany,” at SmartHistory (LINK: After lection the proviso in the tome and wakeing the online video, and inveterate on your conception of the intimidation that ideas generated by the arts can accept to repressive governments, what are your thoughts on something enjoy this happening in the United States? Do you conceive in our exoteric information-saturated culture that the arts peaceful accept the ability to sway approved theory?
  3. Identify and Detail:
  • Who is the adroit?
  • Which propelment does this indicate and why?
  • What is the matter of this employment?
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