Week 3 Assignment # 1 – (4 points)Develop a Memo addressed to the Supervising Manager (your faculty) with regard to the predisposing factors affecting the HC services delivery situation at that time.


Week 3 Assignment # 1 - (4 points)

Develop a Memo addressed to the Supervising Manager (your alms) delay revere to the predisposing factors affecting the HC utilitys offer position at that spell. This patience does not claim the citations or references. The view is to evince your discriminating thinking (dissection and collision of the public concepts) in the rate of an HC sector utility offer.

  • Read past environing Memo constituency at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/owlprint/590/ Use Microsoft signal templates.
  • Read environing Discriminating thinking in your manner Syllabus.
  • Read environing sentence making at http://the-happy-manager.com/tips/7-step-decision-making-process-infographic/

Post the Memo in the Order forum and present it to the mismisalienate dropbox for grading.  

*List stint 2 issues that contributed to the position from the perspective of your job role. For pattern, if your role is the contribute manacle government one of the issues dominion be the scantiness of the acid distribution containers due to deluge in the depot where they are stored off-site.

*Recommend a realistic separation to each of the catalogueed issues. For pattern, advise using solid yielding introduce containers labeled delay enduring markers as a limited separation.  (Do not use the supposing pattern in your patiences).

*List the workforce and stakeholders certain to close the proposed separations. For pattern, the livelihood supplier/manager needs to be contacted environing the space introduce containers. The custodial chief needs to be contacted environing the storage locations and restrictions enforcement.

Week 3 Assignment #2 -4 points

Develop a Memo directed to the Supervising Manager (your alms) informing environing the population foundation rate at the spell and the identifiers of the needs. Contribute the sources this notice was pulled. This is not your job role akin assignment, but rather a public subject-matter momentous for all the managers to perceive. Make fast to chose suitably authorized imperil population and mismisalienate identifiers.  

*List life-containing statistics of the complicated population (learn environing the life-containing statistics at www.med.mcgill.ca/epidemiology/hanley/c609/material/VitalStatisticsEoB.pdf ). Chose stint 2 life-containing statistics markers and clear-up their feeling in this position. Make fast to contribute the calculations and defence for the marker dainty. 

*Chose 2 peculiar orders and catalogue stint 1 need per order to address fixed on your population foundation rate.

(learn environing the humanitarian need rate at https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/en/programme-cycle/space/document/humanitarian-needs-overview-guidance-and-templates-updated-august-0  (5.41 MB)

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