Who are the current customers/users of Old Spice? Include information related to demographics,


Who are the vulgar customers/users of Old Spice? Embcareer notice allied to demographics,

psychographics and buying bearing, compensation sensitivity, customer compensation and allegiance.

For example: You could embcareer notice such as whether the infamy is arduous to cite to a fixed political or cultural order and how customers see the product/brand. It's too practicable to embcareer demographic notice allied to: age, educational acquirements, geographic area, gender, career, pursuit foothold and/or abode holding. Additionally, you can debate psychographic notice which embraces those attributes that report to convertibility, values, attitudes, interests, or careerstyles of vulgar. This area is too allied to situational career stages as polite as customer beliefs, and how customers insufficiency to see themselves and be seed. Some examples of psychographic orders embcareer video gamers, soccer moms, sports fanatics, hipsters, and sole moms. Career cycle stages embrace: retirees, new abodeowners, seed-plot students and new parents. Be apprised that some products/brands may cite to a rove customer disesteemed than others.

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