Write a three (3) page paper on the application and challenges involved with implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for a private family medicine practice. This is a small family prac


 Write a three (3) page article on the collision and challenges concerned after a while implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) scheme for a retired origin salve custom. This is a paltry origin custom after a while 3 doctors and a HIT budget of $60,000 every-year and $150,000 for upfront expenditures. The communication must acceptance the subjoined questions.

-What are the most leading functionalities of the EHR that needs to be implemented at the custom?

-Is it feasible for any true Custom Management Systems to be integrated after a while the EHR?

-Identify any two precarious challenges in implementing the EHR.Identify any indelicate precarious advantages the EHR would collect to the custom.

-How you would wield the device planning and implementation of this EHR?

-Explain the technology guarantee considerations and how HIPAA governs their implementation.

-Make a admonition on the sign of EHR scheme this custom should adopt and maintenance your firmness using facts.

The subjoined cheerful customs can aid in securing a better action for this assignment:- Using references/citations embezzle to the satisfied of the acceptance-Providing examples that conquer maintenance your acceptances or claims

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