Write the answers to your questions with all work shown with proper units and significant figures. 1. Iodine pentafluoride gas reacts with iodine fluoride gas producing iodine heptafluoride gas and io


Write the answers to your questions delay all employment shown delay special units and weighty figures.

1. Iodine pentafluoride gas reacts delay iodine fluoride gas submissive iodine heptafluoride gas and iodine gas. What is the zenith number of grams of iodine gas that can be effected from a reaction of 10.0 g of iodine pentafluoride delay 11.20 L of iodine fluoride gas at STP?

2.For the aftercited reactions, (a) transcribe the balanced reaction equations and (b) IDENTIFY the sign of reaction as ONE of the aftercited: cutting-base, colony, or redox (Only one reaction sign applies to each reaction and all three should be used).

For the cutting-sordid reaction, dedicate the cutting, the sordid, the conjugate cutting, and the conjugate sordid. Transcribe an countenance for the Ka of the reaction.

For the colony reaction, if a resistant is formed, evidence the resistant.

For the redox reaction, evidence what is oxidized, what is subsided, and transcribe the selfsame half-reactions.

  • Aqueous hydroiodic cutting (HI) reacts delay liquescent insinuate in a changeable reaction.
  • Solid zinc reacts delay resistant manganese (IV) oxide submissive resistant zinc oxide and resistant manganese (III) oxide.
  • Aqueous silver nitrate reacts delay aqueous calcium chloride.
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