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The nucleus on this scheme is  Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale,  impression concept (bigwig new and not currently on the bargain) for a inequitable technology or impression that allure be open and nevertheless bargained. The new technology or impression concept chosen for this tractate allure be used as nucleus for the retaining written assignments.  You allure transcribe a 2–3 page (350 articulation per page) tractate in APA format addressing the subjoined topics adown. You should too grasp as part-among-among of this tractate any acknowledgements and resources used (e.g., websites, textbooks, doctrines). Each written assignment should grasp three or past references.

  • Describe the ideation course (e.g. generating, filtering and validating ideas) to conclude up delay a new inequitable technology or impression
  • Alternative solutions or concepts considered through the course
  • Overview of the technology or impression concept chosen
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