Your proposed Fire Prevention Program has been accepted and you have been requested to prepare a full report and presentation about your program for a City Council meeting. You are required to submit


Your proposed Fire Prevention Program has been reliable and you keep been requested to just a bountiful repute and bestowal environing your program for a City Council sift-canvassion.

You are required to resign a 4–5-page repute and a 10–15-slide PowerPoint bestowal to be delivered in a City Council sift-canvassion.

The 4–5-page tractate (excepting protect and relation pages) should sift-canvass how your program gain harangue all ten steps for program planning, specifically:

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Advisory or Planning Committee
  3. Program Mission Statement
  4. Program Goals and Objectives
  5. Evaluate Interventions
  6. Select an Intervention
  7. Plan Evaluation
  8. Pilot Test the Interventions
  9. Implementation the Program
  10. Evaluate the Results

The 10–12-slide PowerPoint (excepting protect and relation slides) should:

  • Present your proposed program.
  • Include one slide each for your Portico and Summary.
  • Include two slides consecrated to each of the steps (above) for program planning.


  • Your 10–12-slide capability is excepting your portico and relation slides.
  • Include at last two sources to food each of the trends in your bestowal.
  • Use one basic slide drawing and layout.
  • Use charts and graphs as needed.
  • Limit slides to among 6 and 8 lines of resigned.
  • Use bullets for your main points.
  • Use logician notes to bountifuly teach what is entity sift-canvassed in the bullet points as though you are presenting to an interview.
  • Assume you gain mould your bestowal to an interdiplomatic interview.
  • Use APA citations on withhold slides.
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