Your supervisor recently announced that you and a colleague, Bruce, will have an opportunity to meet with the company’s CEO in 2 hours and deliver a…


Your supervisor of-late announced that you and a helper, Bruce, allure keep an convenience to coalesce after a while the company's CEO in 2 hours and transmit a introduction on your team's present design. Due to the insufficient give-heed-to, Bruce thinks your introduction should be an unpremeditated discourse (delivered after a whileout notes or project); ultimately, you secede after a while him. Under these predicament, which sign of discourse do you think you and Bruce should transmit? Choose one of the options underneath and divide the exculpation you would use to influence Bruce.

  • Option A: Extemporaneous discourse (carefully prompt and rehearsed)
  • Option B: Manuscript discourse (written out message for message and unravel to auditory)
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