1. Sewage in Your HomeDo you know how sewage is handled in your home? Do you have a personal septic tank or is there a sewage management facility in your community?Determine how sewage is handled in y


1. Sewage in Your Home

Do you recognize how sewage is handled in your residence? Do you entertain a idiosyncratic septic tank or is there a sewage government quickness in your society?

Determine how sewage is handled in your residence. Post your results.

2. Wastewater Treatment

There are divers ways to handle wastewater and the sludge resulting from the handlement arrangement. Wastewater is repeatedly released in incongruous areas depending on where you speed.

  • Do you recognize where the wastewater from your society goes?
  • Take a gravity to curb the national handlement set's website, or seal by and investigate or communicate them a circumvent and invent out the answers to the aftercited questions. Post your results.

Discussion Area Question:

1. By investigateing a wastewater handlement set close you, curbing their website, or making a phone circumvent, determine   

a. What is used to disinfect water: chlorine or ozone?b. Upon handlement, where is the wastewater released?c. What methods are used to handle sludge?

2. Investigate the EPA sites and transcribe a slight fame (250 articulation) on guidelines for handlement of sewage.   



ALWAYS summon your sources in MLA or APA format.

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