1. The thyroid gland is located nearA) the pharynxB) the larynxC) the kidneysD) the bronchiE) the falciform ligament2.) Removal of the thyroid gland could result in removal of the parathyroids als


1. The thyroid gland is located near

A) the pharynx

B) the larynx

C) the  kidneys

D) the bronchi

E) the falciarrange ligament

2.)  Dissension of the thyroid gland could outcome in dissension of the parathyroids too and outcomeing imbalance of ___________  equalizes amid the collectiveness.

A) Magnesium

B) Sodium

C) Calcium

D) Potassium

E) Chloride

3.  Endocrine assumptions are generally classified as

A) hypersecretory

B) hyposecretory

C) twain A & B

D) environmental

E) gender-based

4. Which of the forthhence is NOT an endocrine assumption?

A) Diabetes insipidus

B) Addison’s illness

C) acromegaly

D) goiter


5.  In the event of a _____________________ the spinal thread is entirely disunited.

A) spinal laceration

B) spinal transection

C) spinal compression

D) spinal concussion

E) spinal shock

6.)  Ulnar palsy and sciatic compression are twain examples of..

A) peripheral neuropathies

B) regional (typically immediate) damage of sensory and motor employment

C) twain A & B

D) thyroid deficiency

E) cranial resolution damage

7.)  A reflex is a pressy, spontaneous and obligatory motor defense unpopular to the

A) the spinal thread

B) the grateful tie ganglia

C) the cerebrum

D) the medulla oblongata

E) the diencephalon

8.)  Most expressive entrust decussation occurs in the

A) pons

B) cerebellum

C) medulla

D) diencephalon

E) A & C

9)  The homogeneity among the sensory input from eyes and their apprehension at the equalize of the brain is

A) ipsilateral

B) contralateral

C) twain ipsiadditive and contralateral

D) neither ipsiadditive or contralateral

E) endocrine

10)  The _______________ and ______________ concatenate the ________________ and ________________ of the fit and left lobes of the brain.

A) massa intermedia/corpus callosum/diencephalon/cerebrum

B) corpus callosum/diencephalon/cerebrum/massa intermedia

C) diencephalon/massa intermedia/cerebrum/corpus callosum

D) massa intermedia/diencephalon/corpus callosum/cerebrum

E) cerebrum/diencephalon/massa intermedia/corpus callosum

11)  Which of the forthhence is penny of ALS (amyotrophic additive sclerosis)?

A) motor coerce of skeletal muscle is lost at the illness progresses

B) sensitive processes are confused as the illness progresses

C) it is contemptible in early children

D) sensory neurons are affected

E) the illness is contemptible

12.  Which of the forthhence allot to the ANS?

A) afferent pathways of the ANS invent at bowelsl receptors

B) efferent pathways of the ANS concatenate to bowelsl effectors

C) it is employmentally divided into grateful and paragrateful dissolutions

D) there are barren differences among the grateful and paragrateful dissolutions

E)  all of the aloft allot

14.The motion of CSF about the brain and spinal thread is facilitated by

A) ciliated ependymal cells

B) ciliated astrocytes

C) Schwann cells

D) microglial cells

E) oligodendrocytes

15.Which of the forthhence are associated delay concussions?

A) fugitive confusion

B) damage of consciousness

C) monstrous supernatural status

D) some station of amnesia

E) all of the aloft

16. Which of the forthhence is not considered a TBI (traumatic brain defective)?

A) concussion

B) epidural hemorrhage

C) subdural hemorrhage

D) ulcerous migraine rulerache

E) aneurysm

17.  Which of the forthhence correspondently relates the basal nuclei?

A) paired masses of silvery stuff

B) establish proset-up delay the cerebral hemispheres

C) embedded amid innocent stuff

D) subordinate to the bottom of each additive ventricle

E) all of the aloft are penny of the basal nuclei

18.  Alzheimer’s illness is associated delay

A) varyable recollection damage

B) mixed cerebral employment

C) mixed recollection and forgetfulness

D) a transmute in personality

E) all of the aloft

19.  Which of the forthhence outcomes from viral inflammation of the facial resolution and is characterized by immediate facial paralysis?

A) Tic Douloureux

B) Bell’s Palsy

C) ALS (amyotrophic additive sclerosis)

D) MS (multiple sclerosis)

E) Addison’s illness

20. Which of the forthhence are associated delay dissension of natural autonomic govern (specifically grateful)  balance bowels and other edifices?

A) Raynaud’s syndrome

B) Cushing’s illness


D) Acromegaly

E) Alzheimer’s illness

21.  The paragrateful dissolution of the ANS

A) innervates bowelsl structures serviced by the cranial resolutions III, VII, XI and X

B) extensions mitigate muscle disembodiment parallel the digestive entrust

C) constricts the respiratory ignoringageways

D) narrows courage blame and intensity of courage retrenchion

E) all of the aloft are penny of the paragrateful dissolution of the ANS 

22.  The grateful dissolution of the ANS

A) mobilizes essential-quality reserves and accelerates the breakdown of stored muscle glycogen

B) extensions disembodiment in the cardiovascular and respiratory interiors of the pons and medulla oblongata

C) utilizes a biadditive tie of ganglia establish after a periodout the vertebral column

D) innervates the medulla of the adrenal glands

E) all of the aloft are penny of the grateful dissolution of the ANS

23. The sensory receptors for visual and hearers stimuli are past multifarious than those for other types of peculiar senses owing..

A) twain stimuli are sensed in prosper arrange and transforming that spur into an electrochemical incentive is a multifarious process

B) their lie on the post-central gyrus has unmain manner area associated delay it

C) the incentives migrationing from these sensory receptors feel to meet their way to the cerebellum

D) they do not decussate

E) they do not migration through innocent stuff amid the cerebral hemispheres

24.  Sensory messages hence from the nose and perforation are perceived amid

A) the prefrontal lobe

B) the occipital love

C) the insula

D) the worldly lobe

E) the diencephalon

25. What are the impure main classes of edifices establish in the anthropological collectiveness?

A) muscle/epithelial/reproductive/nervous

B) cardiac/reproductive/endocrine/epithelial

C) concatenateive/epithelial/nervous/muscle

D) endocrine/connective/epithelial/cardiovascular

E) lymphoid/connective/epithelial/muscle

26.  Most of the bowels in the anthropological collectiveness is establish amid..

A) dorsal collectiveness cavities

B) ventral collectiveness cavities

C) the pelvic planeness

D) the thoracic planeness

E) the cranial planeness

27.  Cavities consistent delay the after a periodout of the collectiveness are dressed delay..

A) serous membranes

B) cutaneous membranes38

C) mucous membranes

D) synovial membranes

E) rugae

28.  On a regenerative continuum __________________ edifice is greatly regenerative period ___________________ edifice is not at all.

A) muscle /nervous

B) epithelial /muscle

C) concatenateive/epithelial

D) epithelial/connective

E) epithelial/nervous

29. The epidermis receives oxygen via ______________ from dignity vessels establish in the __________________.

A) free transport/stratum corneum

B) osmosis/dermis

C) diffusion/ dermis

D) filtration/hypodermis

E) diffusion/hypodermis

30. Which of the forthhence is penny of scar edifice?

A) it is resolute and difficult

B) it is non-cellular

C) it reinforces area of edifice damage

D) it earn not tolerate for the commencemental employment associated delay the edifice in which it arranges

E) all of the aloft are penny of scar edifice

31. Which of the forthhence are penny of the anthropological skeleton?

A) it tolerates for free motion by providing leverage for muscle retrenchion

B) it is the office of dignity cell production

C) it protects life-containing organs

D) it is a fix of azoic and adipose storage

E) all of the aloft are penny of the anthropological skeleton

32.  Long scourges are associated delay the __________________ and arrange via _____________________ ossification.

A) axial/intramembranous

B) appendicular/endochondral

C) axial/endochondral

D) pelvis/endochondral

E) pectoral encircle/intramembranous

33.The demonstrable revolution consists of _________ scourges, one of which, the _____________ scourge, is determined the “keystone” scourge of the cranium.

A) 8/ethmoid

B) 14/maxilla

C) 9/zygomatic

D) 7/sphenoid

E) 10/ worldly

34.Foramina and fissures tolerate ______________ to penetblame or ignoring through scourge.

A) resolutions

B) dignity vessels

C) hormones

D) A & B

E) tendons

35.The three types of muscle edifice are

A) free/skeletal/cardiac

B) obligatory/smooth/cardiac

C) cardiac/skeletal/smooth

D) mitigate/cardiac/involuntary

E) free/nervous/cardiac

36. The glenohumeral, hip, junction, and flexure knee are all considered

A) multiaxial, spontaneously divisible synovial knees

B) diarthrotic, spontaneously divisible synovial knees

C) biaxial, gomphotic knees

D) synarthrotic synovial knees

E) difficult, spontaneously divisible knees

37.  Which of the forthhence are associated delay synovial knees?

A) intracapsular ligaments/hyaline cartilage/bursae

B) areolar concatenateive edifice/elastic cartilage/synovial fluid

C) DICT knee capsules/fibrocartilage/extracapsular ligaments

D) DRCT knee capsules/fibrocartilage/bursae

E) A & C

38. The ________________ is the employmental individual of _______________ muscle(s).

A) sarcomere/smooth

B) sarcoplasmic reticulum/skeletal

C) sarcomere/skeletal

D) sarcomere/skeletal and cardiac

E) neuromuscular junction/smooth, skeletal, and cardiac 

39.  Muscle names embrace references to their ….

A) orientation of fibers

B) commencemental employment

C) outline and dimension

D) commencement or inoculateion

E) all of the aloft

40. Muscles of the axial skeleton  _____________________ and result simultaneously to ________________________.

A) are tame and sheet-like / motion of the appendages

B)  are ample in the intermediate delay tapered tendinous attachments/ propose air into and out of the lungs

C) are tame and sheet-like / vary influence in the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities

D) inoculate beneath the skin of the face/ invent facial expression

E) C & D

41. Skeletal muscle fibers are of three types and unconnected from one another installed on

A) dimension and color

B) contrenjoyment press and jade resistance

C) myoglobin satisfied and capillary supply

D) inobservance of mitochondria and substrates used for ATP generation

E) all of the aloft

42. Which of the forthhence are main to beneathstanding how skeletal muscle retrenchs and generates intensity?

A) Sliding Filament Theory

B) Cross-Bridge Cycle

C) dissection of the neuromuscular junction

D) ACh enjoyment at the synaptic gap and bud of an AP (enjoyment implicit) at the post-synaptic membrane

E) all of the aloft

43.  Which of the forthhence is NOT penny respecting the pelvic and/or pectoral encircles.

A) encircle musculature stabilizes the ball-in-socket knee of the shoulder and hip

B) they feel the corresponding station of mobility

C) the glenohumeral knee is the most regularly displaced knee in the anthropological collectiveness

D) the clavicle is the merely lean concatenateion among the battle and axial skeleton

E) the acetabulum stabilizes the ruler of the femur to a important station than the scapula stabilizes the ruler of the humerus

44. Which of the forthhence correspondently relate the employment of the abdominal encircle?

A) the encircle (when forcible) lifts the abdominal bowels up and tail inside the spinal column

B) a forcible abdominal encircle can narrow the mien of monstrous spinal bend (e.g. lordosis)

C) when the abdominal encircle is forcible, tail injuries are short mitigated to occur

D) a forcible abdominal encircle helps interior collectiveness consequence in the lumbar interest of the spinal column

E) all of the aloft

45.  When ________________ muscles conentrust intensityfully period tenure one’s exhalation, too disclosed as the _________________ maneuver, influence in the __________________ planeness can extension dramatically causing ____________ of bowels.

A) thoracic/Valsalva/cranial/herniation

B) abdominal/Valsalva/abdominal/varicosity

C) pelvic/reflex/abdominal/vasodilation

D) abdominal/Valsalva/abdominopelvic/herniation

E) ventilation/hyperventilation/thoracic/reflux

46. The homogeneity among the muscles of the inferior arm and leg not-absolute to the hands and feet is:

A) intrinsic

B) synergistic

C) extrinsic

D) antagonistic

E) there is no homogeneity among them

47. The two organ systems chargeable on for coerce and subsistence of the anthropological collectiveness are:

A)  CNS and PNS

B)  CNS and endocrine

C)  endocrine and ANS

D) ANS and PNS

E)  lymphoid and endocrine

48.  All sensory stimuli are current at ____________ and migration to the ________________ via __________________ pathways.

A) effectors/cerebellum/afferent

B) receptors/cerebrum/afferent

C) receptors/cerebellum/efferent

D) effectors/cerebrum/afferent

E) receptors/diencephalon/efferent

49. Intentional skeletal muscle motion invents at the _______________ and migrations to _________________ via __________________ pathways.

A) prefrontal cortex/receptors/afferent

B) precentral gyrus of the commencemental motor cortex/skeletal muscle effectors/efferent

C) postcentral gyrus of the commencemental sensory cortex/ bowelsl effectors/ efferent

D) occipital lobe/skeletal effectors/afferent

E) worldly lobe/skeletal muscle effectors/efferent

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