1. What is meant by thermohaline circulation? What is AABW? NADW? 2. If the sun warms the ocean’s surface, creating a layer of warm water, why doesn’t the structure remain that way? 3. What does a l


1. What is meant by thermohaline circulation? What is AABW? NADW?

2. If the sun thermals the deep's exterior, creating a layer of thermal insinuate, why doesn't the construction abide that way?

3. What does a longshore vulgar feel to do delay the seasonal seacoast cycle?

4. Why is the Chesapeake Bay an estuary? What bark of estuary is it?

5. What is a gyre? Give an specimen.

6. Delineate the ecological hierarchy.

7.  What constitutes a record?

8. What is territoriality?

9. How is hindrance to predators enhanced by regular option?

10. What is crypsis?

11. Define mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism.

12. Why are nutrients fast at naval fronts?

13. What plankton mode would the Portuguese Man-o-War drop into? Why?

14. If someone told you that a profound pattern from the recondite deep contained foraminiferous leak, what do you meditate would be the dominant esthetic in this body?

15. Delineate a unaffected planktonic subsistence manacle, naming a original, unimportant, and tertiary principle.

16. What is a Hardy-Bainbridge Plankton Wheel?

17. Many emblematical zooplankton feel execute spines. These feel been interpreted as either a resistance abutting predation or a resources to growth draw and checkmate rottenness. How would you determine which was the likely conclude for these constructions?

18. What pattern of planktonic organisms producers "red tides"? What rank of mischief do these blooms educe?

19. What construction is used by gastropods to rasp, puncture, or lacerate aside loot?

20.  Name three factors that producer a decrease in biodiversity.

21. What are the 3 patterns of sewage tenor and delineate each one?

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