1. What is the purpose of endospore formation? Why is it so common in soil organisms?2. Why can we use a “negative” stain to view capsules?3. a) Flagella are very difficult to view in a light


1.    What is the intention of endospore structure? Why is it so niggardly in begrime organisms?

2.    Why can we use a "negative" blemish to opinion capsules?

3.    a) Flagella are very opposed to opinion in a sslight microscope consistent eespecial blemishing is used.  Why is this the subject?

4.    b) What courses can we treat to indirectly detect the intercourse of a flagella (ie. NOT a blemishing course), attached that it is so difficult to see?

5.    Why do organisms each exist in a niggardly concatenate of air and pH? Explain what is happening beyond of their concatenate during proud and low air or proud and low pH (deduce each top partially).

6.    Briefly picture the gas pak procedure (In your own opinion)

7.    What does it moderation to "balance" a case in the centrifuge? Why is this compulsory?

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