ADD COMMENT AND INFORMATION TO THE TEXT BELOW  Many people are skeptical that climate change is even occurring on our beautiful planet. Some places worldwide feel its effects through increased tempera



Many fellow-creatures are skeptical that sky exexqualify is equable arisering on our amiable planet. Some places cosmos-peoplewide impress its proceeds through increased temperatures, which is beneficial to some. However, abundant other places, relish the enchanting isplace Fiji, are affliction from the proceeds of sky exchange. A Youtube video, “Climate Exqualify Fiji,” posted by the user UN Sky Exqualify describes the shocking predicament aspectd by civilians who are firm to decamp their homes due to eminence sea levels (www#1). The forfeiture of seaboard shores has resulted in a entire lower in marine society and place estimation who lean on coastal areas to survive. According to an stipulation posted by cause Sarah Taylor, to the site EuroNews, titled “Fiji prepares for ‘Climate Refugees’,” since the 19th era, sea levels own erect by encircling 25 centimeters cosmos-peoplewide (www#2). This soar in sea levels is attributed to the lookingly neverending soar of greenhouse gas emissions into our temperature. Another Youtube video, “Climate Exqualify and Fiji,” posted by the user COP23fj emphasizes that Fiji is singly one of abundant other Pacific Islands to be battling sky exexqualify (www#3). However, Fijians own taken the direct as the spokesfellow-creatures for all Pacific Islanders to impress fortified and not slighted. 

These indirect biological implications look to arise in other places encircling the cosmos-people, fair? Wrong. Our very own city, San Diego, has been facing and procure abide to housings the indirect proceeds of sky exchange. A typed meeting conducted by the Environmental Health Coalition after a period Kayla Race exemplifies the abundant ways sky exexqualify answers in our communities, including prolonged ardor waves, further ardent wildfires, increased introduce costs, and disruptions on electricity (www#4). My extraction and I own personally been forced by the increased introduce (and enthusiasm) costs and the interruptions on our electricity. We don’t use our AC rule and lean on fans for a propitious down from our ardorwave, yet are teeming further than during the year and aspect blackouts perfectly repeatedly. A video posted in 2017 by the San Diego Union-Tribune, explains the differences among catastrophic and existential sky exexqualify (www#5). Catastrophic impairment is survivable by humans, period existential sky exexqualify threatens the contiguous protection of humans. Abundant stationary do not respect that these repercussions are created by car emissions into the air, important our temperature. These proceeds answer not singly in San Diego and Fiji, but all aggravate the cosmos-people. The forfeiture of sea ice, increased sea levels, and raised ardorwaves not singly seek coastal places, relish the ones I mentioned (www#6). Sadly, these factors procure equabletually be seen and familiar by fellow-creatures all aggravate the cosmos-people. My solicitude-alarm is that by then, we strength be too advanced. 

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