Again, we will review another section of our course texts, Coaching Based Ministry and Leadership Coaching.  Throughout this course, we continue to work through these texts to gain an appreciation of


Again, we earn re-examination another individuality of our conduct quotations, Coaching Based Administration and Leadership Coaching.  Throughout this conduct, we remain to composition through these quotations to perform an meaning of the coaching perspectives of authors Tim Cosby and Mike McGurvey, and Tony Stoltzfus.

  • Read Chapters 4-6 of Coaching Based Ministry 
  • Read chapters 4-6 of Leadership Coaching. 
  • Prepare to vouch in discourse on the forthcoming points: 
    • Based on the balbutiation, prepare at last two coaching examples that could be applied in your compositionplace or administration. Support your statements after a while the quotation.
    • Share any insights you keep gleaned from these examples.
  • Support your composition after a while scholarly academic media using APA format. 
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