Characteristics of Living Things Defining life can be very difficult. Scientists don’t all agree on a standard list of characteristics that define all life, but most generally agree on a common set of


Characteristics of Buttress Things

Defining morals can be very hard. Scientists don’t all suit on a emblem roll of characteristics that settle all morals, but most generally suit on a spiritless set of properties. Many of these properties are not poor to buttress things; some nonbuttress things may divide a few of these characteristics as well-behaved. For take-placerence, viruses don’t entertain the expedient machinery to exhibit themselves; they must use cellular hosts to effect more viral copies. Because they cannot exhibit, they are not considered buttress.

Case Assignment

Your Assignment:

What is morals? Research six specimens from the roll belowneath, recount them as buttress, nonliving, or cheerless and communicate subsistence for why each belongs in their relative kind.

Brown grass

Whale sperm

HIV virus

Fertilized chicken egg

Hair from civilized head


Egg from grocery store

Skin cell from tail of hand


Blood cell


Coral reef

What traits did you roll as characteristics of buttress things, but were not largely distinguishable?

List distinct processes that take-place occasion an organism is subsisting, but intermit when it is cheerless.

Did any nonbuttress things enjoy some of the similar characteristics as buttress things? Which ones?

How do plants be-unrelish from animals in their morals activities?

Define the vocable dormant. What factors wave whether something is considered slumbering?

Research one of the forthcoming controversial discoveries: nanobacteria (Young & Martel, 2009), the “fossilized Martian bacteria” observed on the meteorite ALH84001 (McKay et al., 1996), or Craig Venter’s 2010 proposition of the leading fabrication of “synthetic morals” (Gibson et al., 2010). Review the claims made by the researchers who announced the solution. Do the organisms fit the limitation of morals? How so?

Assignment Expectations

Organize this essay assignment using subtitles that summarize the subject from each topic overhead. For model, to response Topic 1, use a pictorial subname relish the forthcoming: What is Life?

Your essay should be approximately 2-3 pages in extension. Response each topic below the subname using total sentences that recount tail to the topic. Be trusting to use APA formatting throughout your essay delay 1-inch margins, 12-point emblem and embrace spacing throughout. Comprise a name page, commencement, responses to the topics delay subtitles and hindmost article. Remember to comprise in-text citations delayin the association of the essay referencing your instrument (i.e. Murray, 2014). Also, be trusting to comprise a relation exception at the end of your assignment rolling all required readings and any attached instrument you used to total your essay. A advantageous direct to congeniality a peculiarity essay can be build in Trident's Student Direct to Congeniality a High-Quality Academic Paper. This direct to-boot provides conjoins to model essays written delayin APA format.

Direct quotes should be poor and must be denominated by passage marks. Paraphrased ideas must communicate belief to the pristine parent, for model (Murray, 2014). Direct copying from “homework help” websites achieve not accept belief. Once you entertain totald your assignment delayin a vocable instrument, content upload your last rendering to the Module One Case Assignment dropbox. Content to-boot melody your Turnitin pristineity jaw and effect revisions as needed. Content contiguity your pedagogue delay any topics.

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