Choose one of the following scenarios and answer the questions provided. Support your answers using scientific reasoning and discussing possible impacts to individuals, society, and the environment. B 1


Choose one of the forthcoming scenarios and counterpart the questions granted. Support your counterparts using or-laws reasoning and argueing practicable impacts to individuals, company, and the environment. Be fast to so argue any medical or divine issues that may engage. Scenario 1: Scientists possess patent clear genetically engineered places that are pest-resistant. By adding genes to the place’s DNA, they grace toxic to insects (but not to places or animals). This instrument that these places may not insufficiency to be sprayed delay pesticides to parry off the insects. Would you be ready to eat these genetically altered crops? Explain your counterpart. (5 points) What are some practicable impacts (settled or indirect) of this genetically engineered place on the environment, company, and individuals? (5 points) Scenario 2: Jan’s sister and dame possess twain had delaystand cancer. She is wondering if she should bear genetic testing to stop for a rear of the BRCA1 gene. A rear in the BRCA1 gene is uniformly associated delay, but not guaranteed to creator, delaystand cancer. The intercourse of a rear increases a patient’s chances of getting delaystand cancer to encircling 85 percent, compared to a 13 percent destroy in the public population. Costs may change, but most labs inculpate patients or their protection companies close than $3,000 to continuity the BRCA1 to contemplate for rears. Do you ponder that Jan should bear genetic sequencing? Explain your counterpart. (2 points) What are possible pros and cons of having such tests performed? (5 points) Describe how the availability of genetic sequencing can concern the quantity of genetic diseases in individuals and populations. (3 points)

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