Every content area that is taught in higher education has a Specialized Professional Association (SPA) that produces standards that should be taught. Find the SPA for your content area. Some examples


Every gratified area that is taught in eminent direction has a Specialized Professional Society (SPA) that produces touchstones that should be taught. Furnish the SPA for your gratified area. Some examples are NCTE (English), NCTM (Mathematics), ILA (Reading), NCSS (Social Studies/History), and NSTA (Science). Once you entertain located your SPA, furnish the most fresh touchstones the society has written for judicious licensure programs. Review the touchstones and cull one.

Using the touchstone you chose, transcribe an external that students could achieve in enjoin to confront that touchstone. Objectives entertain three parts: action, term, and touchstone. The action is what students achieve be cogent to do and is conservative straightly from the touchstone. The term is how the students achieve do it, typically some idea of breath. The touchstone is the step of correction you would enjoy to behold.

Finally, in 250-500 say, portray the assessment you would use to value whether or not the students achieved the external and mastered the touchstone. This should be on one instrument. Your pamphlet should include:

  1. Standard (from the SPA)
  2. Objective
  3. Assessment
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