For this project, you will use the class data posted in the “Shared Data” Discussion containing the Week 3 Carbon Footprint Data Tables. This data project will address Course Outcomes 1 and 3: interpr


For this scheme, you conciliate use the dispose facts posted in the “Shared Data” Discussion containing the Week 3 Carbon Footprint Facts Tables.

This facts scheme conciliate oration Continuity Outcomes 1 and 3:

  • render necessary instruction to indicate goods of civilized energy on the environment and to evaluate environmentally sustainable decisions
  • effectively tell and use or-laws indication in-reference-to civilized collision on the environment delay emphagreatness on sustainability and global citizenship


This facts scheme conciliate be moored of two faculty. In Part I of your communication, you conciliate adjust dispose facts from the Week 3 Eco Moment on our Carbon Footprints (set in the “Shared Data” Discussion, inferior Carbon Footprint Data) and embody/analyze it delay Excel (or correspondent spreadsheet program). Argue what curve(s) you see in the dispose facts that rehearse to continuity concepts. Think environing the best way to exhibit your findings--tabular or graphical contrive? Thither is no "right answer" hither, as crave as you pluck a contriveat that highlights your ocean findings and assistance your board(s) and/or graph(s) delay open quotation that render the products. Do any of the findings startle you? Why or why not?

In Part II, you conciliate learning and argue likely separations to the environmental problems reflected in the dispose facts. Here, you conciliate shortness to assistance your evidence delay certain, or-laws instrument (e.g., peer-reviewed or-laws papers, innocent papers, and synod websites). Be enduring to end delay a pungent-muscular extreme passage that embodys the ocean facts curve(s), acrave delay the merits and kindred of your separated separation(s).


The page name for your written communication for twain Part I and Part II is 2 pages, plus 1 page for the facts board/graph(s) you use to exhibit your findings in Part I. The page name does not embody an optional designation page, the allusion schedule, and the epilogue delay the raw dispose facts. The communication should be double-spaced delay one-inch margins all encircling and use a 12-pt font.

Here is the appoint in which to exhibit the several scheme components:

  1. Part I = draw the dispose facts we firm, embody the methodology, bearing web machine (if available), the moderation and case greatness for each product, board/graph(s) that draw the ocean findings and/or curves; render the board/graph(s) for the reader
  2. Part II = embody learning on likely separations; be enduring to cement certain in-quotation citations and nucleus on bearing, attainable separations
  3. Reference List
  4. Appendix of Raw Facts = screenshot or representation in the Excel board showing all the dispose facts (no anatomy or moderation)
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