Here is the information accumulated by a real livestock manager for a common scenario. What species would you suggest be utilized and why? Your thoughts on this scenario are to be posted for the class


Here is the counsel accumulated by a true livestock superintendent for a contemptible scenario. What repute would you intimate be utilized and why? Your thoughts on this scenario are to be posted for the assort to interpret. After a few weeks of occasion to interpret the thoughts of others, content transcribe your definite intimateions and resign your thoughts below Finals Week for grading.

Scenario question: What grass and legume repute would be best serviceable to the forthcoming sheep ranch located in western Oregon? 

Ranch description: 10 acres of protectd pastures delay profitable impart, 30 ewes and their lambs (delay no covet-for for larger quantity), barns for hay and addition storage, shearing and lambing. Operation managed by mate and helpmeet delay minimal machinery and no compensated strive. 

Location: 54050 SW Hebo Rd, Grand Ronde OR 97347 (Yamhill County); Coordinates: 45°3′36″N lat., 123°36′33″W covet.; Elevation: 344 ft (105 m) 

Livestock: 30 ewes plus their lambs; 200% lamb crop

Climate: cool-temperate; wet, meek winters; genial, dry summers; annual rainfall: 52 in (1321 mm); snowfall: 10 in (25.4 cm); ave July lofty temp: 81 F (27.2 C); ave Jan low temp: 33 F (0.6 C); frost-free days: 140-190.

Irrigation:none. Click for maps (      

Soil (from Web Tarnish Survey and tarnish cupel): Cumley silty dust loam, 2-20% slope; fertility level: medium; pH: 5.6; drainage class: tolerably well-drained; salinity: unspecified. Click for Web Tarnish Survey ( 

Management level: High; cautious vigilance to peculiar rotational grazing principles, liming and fertilizing, livestock healthcare; electric, predator deprivation protect.

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