Heredity: good or bad. The Eugenics movement is said to be dead, yet with the advancement in our understanding of the human genome, we can locate those genes that are considered handicaps, even those


Heredity: amiable or bad.

The Eugenics change-of-place is said to be deceased, yet delay the aggression in our construction of the anthropological genome, we can lodge those genes that are regarded handicaps, plain those that are today regarded benign (moneyless eyesight). The primitive attach describes cases where the conversance of these handicaps could be used athwart an special, the other attachs sift-canvass the end of Eugenics in its fact and outgrowth. The interrogation is has cultivation been used to "improve" the anthropological letter and if so, is this, not Eugenics? Regard that if you asked most unaware commonalty whether they were a handicap, they would say no, distinctly those whose handicaps began at extraction.

Also, regard the expression "Curse and Blessing of the Ghetto"(attached) and sift-canvass how heritability applies, perchance not as a "success", but what then?

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