Human Reproduction PowerPoint PresentationIntroduction: Well, it is that time—yes, time for that talk. For this activity, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation about human reproduction. You are


Human Repetition PowerPoint Presentation


Well, it is that age—yes, age for that dialogue. For this motive, you succeed educe a PowerPoint introduction environing anthropological repetition. You are to profess that the introduction is what you succeed use to bestow your son or daughter “the dialogue” environing anthropological repetition. Fashion knowing you use rectify terminology. If you own never created a PowerPoint introduction, fashion knowing you vision the CSU Success Center videos suggested in the item lore motive.

Your introduction must involve the ensueing:

 overall aim of the reproductive systems;

 instruction environing the hardy and fehardy systems including:

o at smallest two visual aids illustrating the two systems, and

o structure and exercise of the superior organs of twain hardy and feminines systems;

 methods of practicing “safe sex” and preventing pregnancy; and

 STDs.

Be knowing to ensue the formatting guidelines granted below:

 Use bulleted instruction on slides (5 lines or less).

 Involve details in the speaker’s notes.

 Involve a disjoined heading slide and a disjoined regard slide.

 Use withhold font and backgrounds.

 Involve at smallest nine slides, but not over than 15 slides (not counting your heading slide or regard slide).

 Use rectify APA format for regards and citations, and use rectify phraseology and spelling.

 Upload the introduction as a .ppt or .pptx smooth.

Information environing accessing the Grading Rubric for this assignment is granted below

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