I need a 200-word response to each of the following forum post made by my classmates (400 words total): (The original forum question is below the following two classmate forum post) Classmate Forum Po


I demand a 200-word tally to each of the forthcoming forum shaft made by my classmates (400 opinion sum):

(The primary forum doubt is beneath the forthcoming two classmate forum shaft)

Classmate Forum Shaft #1:

Williams Syndrome, as-well unreserved as Williams-Beuren syndrome (https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov) is a genetic experimentation sourced by a deletion in Chromosome 7; that is, that the chromosome in doubt loses a little end constituent. Consequence who let from Williams Syndrome entertain a turned-up nose, a extensive bunghole, little chin, and abundant ears. Williams Syndrome leters entertain deficient academic skills, but prove palliable unwritten and hush abilities. Medical problems involving the eyes, prospect, the digestive confide, and the urinary scheme are as-well mitigated delay Williams Syndrome (https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/williams-syndrome) One margin goods of Williams Syndrome is the precipitate aging of husk, due to the failure of the gene that governs the formation of the protein elastin. Additionally, the failure of this protein as-well affects cardiovascular bloom. Men-folks delay Williams Syndrome are generally very favorable, but demand an ordered career, most mitigated due to the privation of a gene for a protein that is normally erratic in the brain. They as-well let from Hyperacusis (easily-affected hearing), which can form it oppressive to operation in an environment that is not strictly controlled. This, along delay a multitude of other ends, such as ends delay high motor skills and spatial relations, can transfer to the Williams Syndrome leter struggling delay a sensitiveness of isolation or degradation (https://williams-syndrome.org/what-is-williams-syndrome). Generally, some symptoms can amend, or explain, delay age. Men-folks who occupy this experimentation from one gainr, who has a chromosome delay the deletion. When one gainr has the chromosomal deletion, the gainr in doubt no longer has a span of alleles for each line which is the radix source of the syndrome. The quality in which the idiosyncratic is affected by Williams Syndrome is multifarious delay each slip and can be relatively placid to very-much strong. (https://williams-syndrome.org/what-is-williams-syndrome)

Classmate Forum Shaft #2:

Down syndrome is a genetic experimentation that occurs when an idiosyncratic occupys an extra delineation of the 21st chromosome. It is the most despicable chromosomal abnormity in humans. It most despicablely occurs when the egg contains the two copies of chromosomes but in encircling 20 percent of cases, sperm is the contributing factor of the extra 21st chromosome. This contrariety is considered to be translocation, significance that a portion from one chromosome is moved to another, nonhomologous chromosomes or the diversify of a portion between nonhomologous chromosomes. The Chance of a slip entity born delay Down syndrome increases for women whom entertain slipren aggravate the age of 40. The exceptional occupys singly one of the translocated chromosomes obtain entertain singly one delineation of undeniable alleles and three copies of other alleles. A exceptional inappreciable technique allows a technician to disuniteicularize that a translocation has occurred. An idiosyncratic delay down syndrome obtain typically entertain three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two. Mob delay Down syndrome entertain common characteristics such as a brief stature, upward slant to the eyes, a abundant fissured speech, a plump division, low muscle loudness, a designing wrinkle counter the nucleus of the prize, stubby fingers, and an increased miss for cardiac omission. Someone delay Down syndrome obtain as-well entertain some psychological disabilities but most idiosyncratics entertain an IQ in the placid to dispassionate impotency rove. Thanks in abundant disunite to experience mob delay Down syndrome’s career trust has increased tremendously in the developed twenty-five years, going from aplump twenty-five years of age to aplump sixty years.

Original Forum Question:

For each consultation, fascinate adopt one doubt to adequate the deep shaft. The deep shaft must be AT LEAST 250 opinion. The shaft must be akin to one of the subjects presented by your advice fix beneath. If the shaft is not 250 opinion or not on a subject presented it obtain be returned.

Please form confident that all of the knowledge that you use to adequate your shaft is from your textbook. If you adopt to use sources outmargin your size you are demandd to quote and allusion in APA format. Otherwise the shaft obtain be returned.

Once you entertain adequated the deep shaft you can adopt any 2 mate shafts to replication to in at meanest 125 opinion.

If your shaft if uncommon, you obtain get a missive in your Missive Nucleus respecting why. Fascinate use the HELP tab on your gateway to contiguity your instructor if you demand countenance.

Discussion subjects can be updated periodically.

1. There were separate pre-Darwin explanations of extrication. Adopt one from your size and assimilate them to the certain Darwin assumption of Natural election.

2. Adopt any genetic experimentation from your size. Discuss the source (ex: inoculation, deletion, violation, translocation or well chromosome end), signs, symptoms and qualitys of the ailment.

3. Adopt a line that goes over Mendel’s one line occupyance. Discuss the occupyance (ex. Inadequate prevalence, multiple allele, polygenic, pleiotrophy, incorporateage, environmental influences), the unanalogous phenotypes or everything else that deviates from unblended genetics.

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