I need a three-page research paper on breast cancer with an introduction, body and a conclusion. Paper should be referenced and cited with APA format. Need title page and reference page. The follow


I deficiency a three-page inquiry tractate on delaystand cancer delay an induction, association and a blank.  Tractate should be intimationd and cited delay APA format.  Deficiency inscription page and intimation page.  The aftercited topics should be addressed.  Unit V Inquiry Paper:

Define cancer

Describe the character of cancer you clarified.

Describe the individuality:  symptoms, individuality, staging, and prognosis.

Discuss composition options, including medicines/alternative compositions.

Discuss causes/risk factors

Include the stroke rate or statistics.

Explain the media you would use if you or someone you knew had this character of cancer.

Discuss what you can do to acceleration the engagement opposite cancer.

Include any other interesting postulates.

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