I want you to either: A) identify an animal species that exhibits sexual dimorphism, classify the dimorphism (i.e. color, size, ornamentation), describe the male and female of the species and who has


I nonproduction you to either: 

A) fulfill an animal temperament that exhibits sexual dimorphism, dispose the dimorphism (i.e. complexion, largeness, ornamentation), narrate the virile and fevirile of the temperament and who has the dimorphism, and presuppose how the dimorphism evolved and what office it serves, 


B) fulfill two closely connected temperament that accept undergone speciation, dispose the speciation as allopatric or sympatric, and likeness how the speciation accident occurred.  

You simply accept to tally 1 of the 2 questions.  Do not use examples from the dimensions or powerpoints and if you economize without sources, websites, or record catechism, fascinate refer-to them justly using APA format and aftercited the passage format of the Record of Ecology.

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