In the heart disease diagnosis case study (Application Case 11.4 pp. 486-87), what was a major benefit of the SIPMES expert system? Does this type of system have a high coincidence factor? If so, why


In the core ailment individuality plight examine (Application Plight 11.4 pp. 486-87), what was a superior behoof of the SIPMES expeditions classification? Does this stamp of classification accept a violent fortuity rudiment? If so, why is that beneficial?


Expound on these activities among familiarity engineering - familiarity wages, familiarity resemblance, and familiarity validation… Include insufficient examples...


The key to efficient familiarity administration is extracting and encoding expeditions familiarity that can be accessed and reused by others. Offer an example/application of this, a allied behoof, and are there any disadvantages of using KM?

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