it was briefly mentioned that habits, good or bad, learned early in life around food may continue into adulthood. Eating and mealtimes are important in the home environment, and also affect our values


it was little mentioned that conduct, cheerful or bad, skilled existing in condition about foundation may remain into adulthood. Eating and mealtimes are expressive in the abode environment, and as-well desire our values kindred to foundation, practices, preferences, and further. Reflect on these topics that were familiar this week and your own conduct, preferences, behaviors about foundation as an adult. How do you imagine that these vulgar conduct, preferences, values, etc enjoy been shaped by your own childhood OR marketing?

▪ Reflection: Childhood behaviors and their influences on

vulgar foundation behaviors

Submit a 1-page (wrap spaced) regardful cogitation on how

these factors enjoy desireed your dietary behaviors.

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