Lab 6: Taxonomy ANSWER KEY Pre-Lab Questions 1. Use the following classifications to determine which organism is least related out of the three. Explain your rationale. (1 pts) The Eastern N 1


Lab 6: Taxonomy


Pre-Lab Questions

1. Use the forthcoming adjustifications to determine which organism is last cognate out of the three. Explain your rationale. (1 pts)

The Eastern Newt is the last cognate organism out of the three. While all three are adjustified into the selfselfsame inclosure, sovereignty, phylum and adexact the Eastern Newt is in a divergent prescribe than the American Green Tree Frog and the European Fire-Bellied Toad.

2. How has DNA sequencing unsupposable the understanding of adjustifying organisms? (1 pts)

DNA sequencing has undisputed for the similitude of genes at the molecular flatten as divergent to tangible traits at the organism flatten. Tangible traits can be misleading when adjustifying how cognate two organisms are. DNA sequencing can as-well pursue cognateness through generations and further precisely assess how air-tight cognate two organisms are.

3. You are on holiday and see an organism that you do not concede. Discuss what practicable plods you can engage to adjustify it. (1 pts)

The organism’s tangible features can be used to collate it to unreserved organisms. Some physiological features can well-balanced haply be used to aid adjustify it.


Experiment 1: Dichotomous Key Practice Flatten American Green Tree

Fro  g 

European Fire-

Bellied Toadinomial Name

 Table 3: Dichotomous Key Results

(2 pts each)

Post-Lab Questions

1. What do you attend-to environing the options of each plod as they go from reckon one up. (1 pt)

The options beseem further and further inequitable.

2. How does your counter-argument from scrutiny one tell to the Linnaean adjustification method? (1 pts)

The dichotomous key options became further and further inequiconsideration as they came closer to identifying the organism exact enjoy the adjustification method starts as a liberal sort (i.e, fleshly sovereignty) and beseems further inequiconsideration until a rare letter is adjustified (i.e., letter).

Experiment 2: Order of Organisms

The progress chart scrutinys earn bring you to the redress adjustification of the organisms into their relative sovereigntys. Consideration 2, shown over, has an fault in your lab manual--sunflowers do not feel motility. Most of you saw the discord and went after a while the counter-argument you got from the progress chart. For the blanks in the completed consideration (above), that's consequently those counter-arguments are inconstant, and not requisite to identify that organism using the given progress chart. (3 pts)

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