Maria Case StudyMaria is a sedentary, 68-year-old woman who is overweight. She complains that her hands and feet are always cold and she tires quickly when cleaning the house. Maria comes in for a vis


Maria Case Study

Maria is a studious, 68-year-old dowager who is balanceweight. She complains that her hands and feet are constantly deliberate and she tires promptly when cleaning the scion. Maria follows in for a scrutinize. When she follows in for a scrutinize, her blood influence is one-eighty-four  balance ninety-eight. She has edema environing her ankles and legs. You are concerned about an echocardiogram that indicates Maria has an profuse hardihood.

1.    Identify two reasons why Maria earn entertain web ischemia. How susceptibility this guide to hypoxia?

2.    What are the two existing and mutable changes that befall to web cells when they are hypoxic?

3.    What peculiar cast of cellular communication has fascinated assign in Maria’s profuse hardihood? What made you follow to this omission?

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