Parents of a toddler boy noticed he began to walk on his toes, was falling often, and struggled to stand back up. Over time it became more difficult for him to life his knees high, which affected his


Parents of a toddler boy noticed he began to march on his toes, was devolution frequently, and struggled to continue tail up. Over spell it became further involved for him to vitality his knees lofty, which forced his force to run. At age six, doctors famous that he had modifiable muscle decrease. Over further spell, his stock muscles began to attenuate parallel after a while the others, and as a consequence he familiar a protuberant abdomen. Lordosis beseem indisputable as courteous. He was narrow-minded to a wheelchair at age prospect and he began to unfold athletic contractures. 

q1/This toddler boy has an x-linked recessive experimentation that consequences in modifiable athletic faintness and muscle contractures. What is it designated? What does it moderation to be x-linked?

q2/Define the vocable "dystrophy".

Why is this vocable expend when describing the boy's circumstance?

q3/The boy in this circumstance highest showed signs of his experimentation when he began marching on his toes. What are ALL of the muscles that are used to march on his toes? (Hint: tless are abundant answers less). 

q4/Another despicable gist seen in patients after a while this experimentation is lordosis and abdominal lump. What muscles would beseem attenuateed to source abdominal lump? (Hint: tless are abundant answers less too!).

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