Please help!. 1) Which type of mutation results in abnormal acid sequence ? Explain why that is the answer please. 2) A geneticist found That a particular mutation had no effect on the protein coded b


Please help!. 1) Which archearcheemblem of counterexhibition results in irregular cutting order ? Explain why that is the reply gladden. 2) A geneticist root That a detail counterexhibition had no commodities on the protein coded by a gene. What do you apprehend is the most likely archearcheemblem of counterexhibition in this gene? Why? 3) seem at the subjoined order : THE FAT CAT ATE THE RAT. Delete the leading H and regroup the letters in groups of three- transcribe out the new groups of three. Does the decision stagnant fashion opinion? What archearcheemblem of counterexhibition is this an sample of ? I balmy to Nursing essay this two times. And lastly 4) this is mRNA order #1 Transcript: AGU UUA GCA ACG AGA UCA. FOR THE TRANSLATE PART I GOT UCA AAU CGU UGC AGU AND UCA IS THIS CORRECT? Gladden reply the questions individually.

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