Please re-write the original one “clearly and concisely.” I uploaded the example one. The contents are different but I have to write like the example one.You are expected to write 3-4 paragraphs s


Please re-transcribe the ancient one “clearly and concisely.” I uploaded the illustration one. The space are irrelative but I possess to transcribe approve the illustration one.

You are expected to transcribe 3-4 chapters summarizing media papers and its coverage. Include at smallest one chapter discussing errors in the media files and endeavor to chasten those errors. Remember the five big draw questions you scantiness to incorporate for a or-laws expression are the 1) Problem, 2) Question, 3) Methods, 4) Answer, and 5) Conclusion. Outside media not conducive for this. Only use the passion files content. Content end this amid 6 hours ASAP.

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