Please see assignment instructions below.   PRICE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE as the paper is short (750-1500 words) Instructions Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World Addresses course ou


Please see assignment instructions beneath.  

PRICE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE as the disquisition is concise (750-1500 suffrage)


Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World

Addresses career outcomes 1-4:

  • recognize and expound how the or-laws syparent is used to expound problems
  • compel observations and descry among or-laws and pseudoor-laws explications
  • weigh exemplification and compel decisions established on strengths and limitations of or-laws enlightenment and the or-laws method
  • use enlightenment of biological principles, the or-laws method, and misspend technologies to ask apt questions, amplify hypotheses, artfulness and precede experiments, solve ends, and portray quittances

1. Select one of the themes inventoryed beneath (a-e).

2. Find at last three real notice sources kindred to your clarified theme. You are encouraged to use the UMUC library in your search:

3. Transcribe a disquisition behind a while heading page, preamble, diverse paragraphs addressing the questions, quittance and references. You must transcribe in your own suffrage and expansion notice from the selected notice sources, addressing each of the questions for your clarified theme. Your disquisition should await of less than 10% straightforward quotes. Your disquisition should be 750-1500 suffrage, save references and heading page. Use APA diction for references:

4. Submit your assignment to the Assignment folder by the due end inventoryed in the career register.

a) Stem cells. Your chum has suffered a spinal row damnification behind a bad car clothing. The medical team has unwavering that he is a good-natured-natured candiend for a clinical trouble using parent cell therapy. Your chum has not had a biology career departed excellent teach, so you career to transcribe him a communication sharing your enlightenment of parent cells. Include in your communication a cognomen of the biology of parent cells and how these cells are matchless from other cells. Contrariety the opposed signs of parent cells, including pros and cons for each sign. Expound how parents cells can be used to manage diseases and damnification, behind a while eeexceptional nucleus on spinal row injuries. Include notice from at last one scrutiny examine or clinical trouble. Infer behind a while your own theory. 

b) Genetically qualified organisms (GMOs). A chum tells you that she avoids foods compriseing GMOs owing they are insincere. You career to use the enlightenment gained from your biology assort and some affixed scrutiny to fabricate your own theory on GMOs. Acceptance the aftercited questions backed up by real notice sources. What is the design of genetically engineering of harvest plants? Include at last two local examples of regularly developed GMO harvests. How are GMOs composed? Use the supposing career materials and compel a concatenation to the mediate belief of molecular biology in your explication. Which foods in your supermarket comprise GMOs? Are foods that comprise GMOs secured for rational decrease? What signs of regulations endure for these foods? Clearly expound your rationalistic for each acceptance in your disquisition and infer whether or not you harmonize behind a while your chum. 

c) Clustered Regularly Interspaced Concise Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) has been the most modern breakthrough indication in bioengineering that enables scientists to edit DNA. Owing you keep premeditated biology in this career, you keep volunteered at your niece’s Middle Teach Science Club to adviser a ward argue encircling CRISPR. The wards allure be watching the aftercited video precedently the discussion: and you insufficiency to be dexterous in instance there are any questions. Please scrutiny and transcribe an acceptance to each of the aftercited questions: What is “CRISPR”? What role does Cas9 reproduce-exhibit in the CRISPR order? How does the CRISPR-Cas9 syparent snip and rearrange any DNA consequence? What are the likely benefits and portraybacks of gene editing? Include local examples. Do you consider that the innate risks of modifying voluptuous DNA is worth the rewards? Explain. Do you consider that it is ghostly to genetically engineer rationals and/or voluptuouss? Explain.

d) Vaccines. Your chum is worried encircling the multifarious vaccines that his newborn son is registerd to assent-to and asks you for command departed you are entrance a biology career. Start behind a while an explication of how vaccines operation. Briefly contrariety the oral methods used to compose vaccines behind a while further modernly used biotechnology techniques. Then inventory some of the diseases that babies and consequence in the US are routinely vaccinated opposite. How has vaccinations impacted the number of these diseases aggravate the departed 100 years? Why are some mob worried encircling giving their consequence vaccines? Is there or-laws exemplification to help these concerns? Infer behind a while command to your chum in deem to getting the recommended vaccines established on what you versed from real notice sources. 

e) Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and tar sands (oil sands).  With society's belief on nonrenewable fossil fuels, the oil & gas diligence is turning to hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands to extract regular gas and oil.  A chum asks you "What's all this controversy in the intelligence encircling fracking and tar sands?"  Briefly expound to your chum how hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands are used to allure these fossil fuels. Then, in further exceptionalty, portray the environmental problems that may end from these orderes and why they are controversial. Issues that should be addressed involves instil, air and contaminate contamination behind a while eeexceptional nucleus on global clime fluctuate, possessions on rational vigor, and possessions on other figure and regular ecosystems. Finally, impart your theorys on likely solutions to these environmental problems, behind a while your rationalistic backed by notice from real notice sources.

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