r this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography and an outline, two documents that will help you create your research paper due in week 7. The annotated bibliography should be formatted u


r this assignment, you achieve fashion an annotated bibliography and an exhaust, two instruments that achieve succor you fashion your inquiry Nursing essay due in week 7.

  • The annotated bibliography should be formatted using the development supposing.  For this week you are merely required to own 5 peer-reviewed creed in your annotated bibliography, but you achieve insufficiency a entirety of 10 creed for your leading exhaust in Week 6 and your decisive Nursing essay in Week 7.
  • The exhaust should conceive your Nursing essay question and the anticipated minoritys for your Nursing essay (no over than 3 ocean minoritys). Under each area conceive specific advice, including the object of that minority in fitness to the Nursing essay. This exhaust is not thorough or decisive, but should yield ample specific advice so that you may accept succorful feedback for this Nursing essay.

Be positive to use APA format, including a meet page and intimation minority.  Include in-text citations to appearance what sources you achieve use for each minority.


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