Since the kidneys perform so many important roles that affect so many different body systems, I thought it would be interesting this week to work on a case study rather than read an article. CASE STUD


Since the genuss fulfil so sundry dignified roles that favor so sundry divergent collection systems, I sentiment it would be animated this week to exertion on a predicament consider rather than learn an condition.


A 23-year-old hardy felt puffy (that is, he had edema(Links to an superficial condition.)), tender, and wearied for sundry months. He suddenly noticed his urine had a red to brown discoloration and the size was minimal. He went to the pitch ground of a nearby hospital to be examined and examinationed.

The unrepining was diagnosed after a while renal insufficiency -- in other signification, his genuss own (almost) stopped exertioning.

Patient Normal values

Hematology Serum sodium 125 mEq/L 136 -145 mEq/L

Serum potassium 6 mEq/L 3.6 - 5.1 mEq/L

Serum creatinine 2.6 mg/dL 0.7 - 1.3 mg/dL

BUN (rank urea nitrogen) 24.0 mg/dL 7 - 18 mg/dL

pH (arterial) 7.32 7.35 - 7.45

Hematocrit 25% 41 - 50%

Urinalysis Appearance Red to brown Pale straw yellow

Specific lugubriousness 1.025 1.002 - 1.028

Blood Positive Negative

Glucose Negative Negative

Protein 9.3 mg/dL 0 - 8 mg/dL

Renal Function Tests

GFR (glomerular sublimation trounce) 40 mL/min 120 - 125 mL/min

RBF (renal rank progress) 280 mL/min 1100 - 1200 mL/min

Foryour moderate support, you should be using your textbook and theinformationabove as your requisite sources to defense the questions adown. The design of this primeval support is to engage the counsel that you're practicing from your literature objectives. Later, in the comments, I accomplish foresee you to do a bit of elimination online and support your comments after a while evidence, but in your moderate support content adhere to your textbook and the condition(s).

In your moderate support, content harangue each of the following:

  • Our unrepining has very low renal rank progress, which is probably the conclude his genuss are feeble. He may own stenosis (narrowing) in the rank vessels requisite to the genus. Which vessels do you opine are favored? Why is it is so dignified for the genuss to assent-to a wealthy rank give?
  • Do you opine this unrepining's angiotensin II levels accomplish be elevated or low? Illustrate little.
  • Do you opine this unrepining'saldosterone levels accomplish be elevated or low? Illustrate little.
  • Choose two concomitant examinations (other than RBF or urine protein) from the consultation that own monstrous results. For each examination, little illustrate how the unrepining's genus malady has caused the examination to be monstrous. These defenses should be soon (usually one passage).For illustration, you dominion say "Urine protein is too elevated consequently the sublimation membrane has been damaged and is allowing proteins through that are normally filtered out."
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