The VA1.  Project – Organizational Chart & Stakeholder Relationship Diagram The organizational chart is the standard way to depict reporting relationships. The relationship diagram is a helpful


  The VA

1.  Project - Organizational Chart & Stakeholder Connection Diagram 

The constructional chart is the exemplar way to portray reporting connections. The connection diagram is a advantageous way of assessing interactions and connections in an construction or course. You gain be using these tools and other instruction to depict the construction and substantiate the stakeholder connections for a bloom preservation construction of your select. 

2. Organizational chart (15%) - Submit the constructional chart for the construction. Note any characteristics that create the constructional constitution sole. The constructional chart does not scarcity names, true standing titles. 

3. Connection Diagram (15%) - Substantiate how your construction relates to at lowest seven (7) of its outer stakeholders or customers, including at lowest two (2) other entities in the unreserved bloom preservation co-ordination.  

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