This is a 1600 words Grant Proposal I wrote and got some feedback from the grader. I’m looking for a high writing skill tutor to help me revise this paper to the next level. Please follow the feedback


This is a 1600 signification Grant Proposal I wrote and got some feedback from the gaitr. I'm looking for a haughty communication aptitude master to aid me amend this brochure to the direct smooth.

Please prosper the feedback supposing by the gait to amend it past accurately. Also, associate to my primordial brochure rendering outside any feedback.

I secure the format guideline and the rubric for you as associateences. Reach hardy to guard all of them.

What I insufficiency you to change:

1. There are 3 activities and 4 externals in the brochure. I insufficiency you merely appropriate 1 zeal and 1 external and delete the intermission. The 1 zeal and 1 external must be kindred to each other and reach opinion. Convergence on one zeal and external and confer plenty details.

2. In the Statement of Problem or Need, I insufficiency you to pay past heed to Santa Cruz, why the city insufficiencys to pay past heed to yielding taint security. I reckon you can discover some inequitable notification to substantiate and mature.

3 Add timeline associate to Katie's copy secure.

4. You can move a weak-scale zealthat you understand earn service at lowest a weak groupof inhabitants. Check this out.

5. Write a past convincing rationale. For copy, the add of your moved plan to freshwater perpetuation is not hardy. You susceptibility neglect to either oust the convergence on freshwater perpetuation or to improve absolve it. Reach hardy 1) there are no detriment adds in your arguments, and 2) all arguments are justified after a while grounds or plea eventual they are beggarly understandledge.

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