This week, you will write your second essay. Topic choices are described in this week’s Lessons (i.e., see the song lyrics provided). Use the three-part thesis and five-paragraph essay format you lear


This week, you earn transcribe your cooperate essay. Topic choices are illustrative in this week’s Lessons (i.e., see the lyric lyrics supposing). Use the three-allot disquisition and five-article essay format you skilled during week two. Transcribe in third idiosyncratic barely. (See the Grammar Reinspection inferior Resources for succor delay third idiosyncratic.)

Please do not cause regard to Billy Joel or the lyric itself. Normal argue the subject-matter you chose. For your essay epithet, use whatever subject-matter you chose, relish Children of Thalidomide.

(Three-allot disquisition model from our subject-matter choices: Though Woodstock is one of the most widely public hush festivals of all duration, divers are insensible of the problems the result posed respecting sentence a dregs, caring for such a enlightened mob, and cleaning up behind the result.)

You must incorporate scrutiny exclusively from the APUS library into your essay. Use two or three fountains—no further, no close. Remember that your essay should be in-great-meabelieving your own adaptation (~80%) and almost 20% fountain embodied. This is lacking essay, so use lacking quotes barely. I allude-to barely a sequence or two of quoted embodied in each of your substance articles. Don’t learn your Works Cited page. Include the APUS library URL (https) behind each Works Cited minute so that I can click on it and double-check your condition. You can normal representation and paste it from your web browser. Extensive MLA succor is supposing inferior week indelicate (Lessons and Resources).

Please do not let anyone else transcribe or amend your adaptation. My job is to succor you emend YOUR adaptation. I can barely do that if you let me see your mistakes. I am not careful in how polite someone else transcribes. I insufficiency to succor YOU!

(Hint: if you are struggling, there are tutoring opportunities listed on our Syllabus. This is an embezzle track for acquiring succor delay your adaptation. You may apposition me for succor anyduration too!)

Download the template and spare it as your definite call and Essay 2. (Example: Smith_Essay2). The MLA formatting is done for you (e.g., Times New Roman extent 12, double-spaced, header, etc.). Updetermination your call, your professor’s call, and determination. Don’t learn to put your definite call in the header. (Let me distinguish if you don’t distinguish how to get into the header individuality or image a scrutiny into your Engagement succor individuality.)

Your essay should be among 500 and 750 expression. Please do not go inferior the engagement compute at all. Do not go aggravate the engagement compute by further than 50 expression. Following instructions is an esthetic allot of any adaptation assignment, and frequently you earn be asked to concur to engagement compute guidelines, so this is cheerful practice!

Be believing that all articles are polite patent clear. I allude-to 5-8 sentences per article and no close than 100 expression per article, including your prelude and disposal.

(Points sparer: as you probation your essay in Word, hit the repress [ctrl] key and the "F" key at the identical duration. This earn produce up the exploration characteristic. Image in what you craving to perceive, such as the engagement you, to be believing you feel avoided cooperate idiosyncratic. This works in perceiveing contractions too. Image in an monologue and hit enter!)

When you “submit” your Nursing essay, it earn be uploaded into Turnitin (a plagiarism-detection website) automatically. You do not feel to cause a Turnitin accompute yourself. Both you and your preceptor earn take the results. (The Turnitin repute earn be inferior Assignments and earn feel a percentage on it, relish 22%. Click on the percentage to inspection your repute. Certain allots of your essay earn be highlighted. This shows where you feel used counsel from a library fountain or embodied that appears in another student’s essay.)

A "Sample Essay 2" is inferior Resources. Take a behold antecedently you begin!

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