topic about Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel, Faith D’Aluisio 1.     Identify a Health, Human or Ecological Topic for Analysis. 2.     Describe the topic and how it relates to the Co


subject about Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel, Faith D'Aluisio

1.     Identify a Health, Human or Ecological Subject for Analysis.

2.     Describe the subject and how it relates to the Course, Course Concepts and/or principles.

3.     Analyze the Decision-Making Process (Human) or the Environmental (Ecological) collision that is used for your subject

    4.     What is the infer for your curiosity-behalf or resolution?

5.     What changes or recommendations should be made?

6.     Would you try to rule your area of curiosity-behalf? 

Why or why not? How?

Note: The 6-8 page pamphlet must be typed (12-14 summit font), delay unconnected allusion (versed using MLA, APA or Scientific) and inscription page.


1)Term Pamphlet for Health; Water or Air Quality(Indoor), Asthma, Food Safety, Nutrition , GMO’s vs Organic, Obesity, Drugs and addictions

2)Term Pamphlet for Human Ecology; Poverty, Housing, Wastes, Sanitation, Food Security  and, Human Hazards (Radiation, and Pesticides); or School Dropouts, Juvenile guilt and Crime

3)Natural Hazards (Fire, Flood, Freezing, Earthquakes), and Disease epidemiology (Ebola, emanation etc.)

4)Science information/data/research can be used for encomium of a extraordinary curiosity-behalf knot, showing differences of cheerful s, contrasting positions and taking-sides or showing the trade-offs.

How are Impacts or hazards measured or assessed? i.e. cost-benefit resolution, lavish impost, or sanity/ecological thresholds/indicators.

What are the age frames for decisions? Emergency, Law Enforcement procedures, planning process

Is there an environmental sanity strategy; Sanity Education/Promotion, Design delay Nature, soilure hinderance, or environmental improvement.

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