TRUE/FALSE- Mark A for TRUE, B for FALSE. For any FALSE statements, write a modified statement below that would make it true.1. Viruses have both DNA and RNA 2. Oxidation can only occur if Oxygen is


TRUE/FALSE- Mark A for TRUE, B for FALSE. For any FALSE declarations, transcribe a mitigated declaration beneath that would fabricate it gentleman.

1.  Viruses entertain twain DNA and RNA  2. Oxidation can simply betide if Oxygen is the electron acceptor3. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells twain can entertain flagella but the point of the flagella is different4. Name two organizations of bacteria that are perplexing or impracticable to representation succeeding a while a gram dishonor. Briefly delineate the procedures used to representation each organization.

5. A or-laws attendant attempts to replicate Pasteur’s celebrated experiments in which broth boiled in Swan-necked flasks remained unproductive notwithstanding substance defenseless to air. However, a day succeeding paroxysm, the broth showed microbial augmentation.

a.)   Propose a deduce for the attendant’s weakness to imitate Pasteur’s product. (HINT: deliberate unvarnished experiments we’ve discussed that were segregate of the discuss balance the spring of personality).


b.)   Propose a way to experience your conjecture in segregate A and in a few sentences mark what the products would be if you are straight encircling your doctrine.


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