True or False 1) The female human will produce an infinite number of ova during her reproductive years. 2) Breast tissue consists of adipose, mammary glands and loose reticular connective tissue. 3 1


True or False

1) The womanish civilized achieve profit an unbounded calculate of ova dumelody her reproductive years.

2) Breast construction consists of adipose, mammary glands and inexact reticular connective construction.

3)  The fimbriae are lawful for intent the ovum into the marginal end of the fallopian tube.

4)  Internally the clitoris contains erectile construction homologous after a occasion the corpora cavernosa in the hardy penis.

5) Weaking of the urogenital diaphragm in some womanishs is associated after a occasion uterine prolapse.

6) The ovarian and uterine cycles in womanishs are plain and unanalogous from one another, but appear concertedly balance (on mediocre) a 28 day continuance.

7)  The histological aspect of the perimetrium changes dumelody each of the 3 phases of the uterine cycle.

8) The epithelial coating of the fallopian tubes consists of ciliated columnar cells.

9) The wide strap is membranous and divides the pelvic and abdominal cavities from one another in the womanish civilized.

10)  The corpora cavernosa are adjunctive and paired, occasion the corpus spongiosum is medial and exceptional in the hardy penis.

11)  Enlargement of the prostate gland is repeatedly associated after a occasion erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction in the hardy civilized.

12)  Removal of the prepuce of the penis is a process unreserved as circumcision.

13)  The vas deferens transports sperm from the epididymis to the ampulla of the vas deferens at the floor, later duty of the bladder.

14)  Sperm are proportionately non-motile until qualified after a occasion the secretions of the seminal vesicle upon cry.

15)  Spermatozoa disclose after a occasionin the glaciss of the seminiferous tubules.

16)  Temperature government is momentous to spermatogenesis and is moderated by the renewal of the cremaster and ischiocavernosus muscles.

17)  The tunica vaginalis is a serous membrane that covers each testis and lines the scrotal hollow.

18)  Gonads produce gametes occasion genitalia expedite delivery of gametes and fertilization.

19)  Rugae are plant in the stomach, bladder, and along the prolixity of the penile urethra.

20)  Ishiocavernosus and bulbospongiosus muscles add to the force to maintain edifice of the hardy penis.

21)  A remarkable impact of urinary rely epidemic (UTI’s) in womanishs is due to the shorter prolixity of the womanish urethra and its vicinity to the exterior anal hole.

22)  The spermatic length contains the vas deferens, genital artery and veins, and genital resolution as they mode the abdominal glacis for entrance through the loftier inguinal melody.

23)  The dartos muscle is slight to conrely underneathneath collected, ambient conditions (e.g. without

on a collected evening day)

24)  The ureters carry urine from the bladder to the without of the substance.

25)  The ejaculatory duct allows the seminal vesicle to emptiness into the prostatic urethra.

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